Why go it alone when PointGuard will put the best
minds to work for your success.

Why PointGuard

Basketball’s point guard is one of the most recognizable positions in all of sports. The point guard leads the team on the court, recognizing when a play is not working, and guides the team in running a new play to adjust to changing conditions.


PointGuard Advisors Network was founded to bring together many companies and professionals, serving all aspects of personal and business financial services, to guide our clients to success. We offer our clients access to elite advisors, and through our ownership interest in Lion StreetTM, our network of professionals extends across the country.

About Us

The founding members of PointGuard Advisors have over one hundred years of combined experience in helping individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals.


WealthRx is a diversified insurance and investment firm specializing in serving high net worth individuals and businesses. AsheKlinetop CPAs are experts in business valuations, and complex tax strategies for businesses and individuals.


PointGuard was founded to unite these and other professional firms to provide you elite personal and corporate insurance and financial services.

What We Offer You

For Individuals:

  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Strategies and Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Financial Planning

For Businesses:

  • Insurance Risk Management
  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Benefits
  • Retirement Plan
  • Design & Administration
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Cost Segregation
  • Executive Compensation Strategies

PointGuard is headquartered in Fayetteville, NY, with an extended network of member companies across the country, and is a founding owner of Lion Street located in Austin, TX.